An empty table in your restaurant represents lost profit potential that can’t be recaptured. Whether it’s the Monday blues or sagging September, filling your tables is the name of the game. Seems obvious right? But this is a common challenge of most restaurant owners.

Fact: A recent study found that 8 of 10 consumers will visit a restaurant in off peak times if offered a discount.

Fact: After a good dining experience, that same person is likely to become a regular customer.

Fact: A coupon offer can be tailored to suit your slower times and not interfere with busy times.

Fact: SNAP! Postcards are the ultimate way to present a coupon offer. Because they are the same size, thickness and material as a gift card, they don’t even feel like a coupon. Instead, they feel like a valuable gift card that can be stored conveniently in a wallet and never get lost like paper coupons.

With SNAP! postcards, we target only your most likely prospects. Our mailing list experts will help you define the most important demographics for your individual situation and rent a mailing list to fit you perfectly. We can also track every response for 100% accountability and analyze responses to target even better on future campaigns. 

Why broadcast your message to the masses and hope for results that can’t be measured? A direct mail expert is only a phone call away, and results are a SNAP!

“I saw more SNAP! cards redeemed than any other mass production coupons, fliers, or mail products I have used in the last 16 years of restaurant business.”
— Mike B. owner of The Egg & I Restaurant

Give Your Direct Mail Marketing “the Works”


 Knowing that a lot of direct mail never gets more than a glance, should you consider abandoning direct mail altogether? Absolutely not! Used strategically, direct mail marketing can be an invaluable tool. The problem is that most direct mail pieces are printed on ordinary paper. Paper may be good for plenty of other things, but it does a poor job of unleashing the full potential of your direct mail marketing efforts.

Why do SNAP! Postcards generate response rates 400% higher than ordinary direct mail? Simple. They do all of the things paper direct mail can’t do. Unlike conventional direct mail, SNAP! Postcards aren’t flimsy. Covered with high-gloss laminate as thick as a credit card, SNAP! Postcards stand out in the flood of thin, colorless paper direct mail pieces. Plus, SNAP! Postcards can be customized to include “snap-off” gift cards that are proven to increase customer redemptions. Best of all, SNAP! Postcards are comparatively inexpensive.   

View the actual results of a SNAP! Postcard campaign


The SNAP! postcard campaign process: 

  1. We help you choose a targeted prospect list

  2. We design a stunning postcard with promotional gift card

  3. We produce and mail your cards

  4. You track the results and count your profits


Results Are A SNAP!