Prospect List Rental


The most important aspect of any direct mail campaign is the prospect list. You may have the best offer, a stunning design and great printing, but mailing to the wrong recipients equals NO RESULTS!  Our professional mailing team will help you define your most likely prospects and rent a mailing list that targets only those prospects.

Popular demographics for consumer lists include age, gender, income, homeowner, presence of children and new movers. We can also look much deeper to define areas of interest like sports, health and fitness, luxury purchase, online purchasers and many more useful characteristics. We can even append your existing customer list with this information and analyze your customer base to create a profile for more likely buyers and show your market penetration.  

Want to saturate a neighborhood where your best prospects live? We can do that too.  A list professional is just a phone call away. Let us help you navigate the ocean of data to find the safe harbor of your future customers.

Professional Design

The simple value of a postcard is in the fact that your offer is not enclosed in an envelope. No clever tricks are needed to entice the recipient to open it. In the seconds that she decides whether to trash it or not, your message or offer can already be conveyed. That is why it is essential to have images, headlines and color schemes that immediately capture attention.


Our staff of designers pays attention to every detail and best practice to produce professional and eye catching designs for your mailing campaign including properly licensed photography, QR codes and barcodes, all within USPS approved mailing standards. Your mail will run smoothly and at the lowest cost available. Most important of all, it will be noticed!  Your images must be captivating – we handle that! Your headline must be attention grabbing – we handle that! Your offer must be compelling – we will advise you on how to make an offer that gets you the results you want. It will include a clear call to action. Finally, your printing must be colorful, top quality and adhere to postal standards – we handle that!

Full color digital printing, laminating and diecutting 

digital press.jpg

We manufacture every mail piece in our own facility to control the quality, cost and timing. Your mail campaign will be produced in our state-of- the- art facility with industry leading equipment and expert operators. The average printer is good at some things, but we specialize in stunning direct mail postcards that others can’t match.

Mail processing including delivery to the USPS


Our mailing experts will use US Postal Service approved software to check every address for accuracy and deliverability. Your list is also checked and updated against the National Change of Address database. Finally, it is sorted to standards that ensure you pay the lowest postage possible to have your mail delivered. When mail tracking is chosen for additional pennies per mail piece, you can track and verify the progress of your mail in the USPS system right down to the individual address. 

NCOA service – We check every address in your customer or prospect list against the US Postal Service National Change of Address database and update the address accordingly. You automatically update your list of people who have moved even if they have not notified you so you don’t waste postage on mail pieces that won’t be delivered.

C.A.S.S. – We use software licensed by the US Postal Service Coding Accuracy Support System to verify every address in your list and update to the best postal standard for deliverability and the lowest possible postage fee. This is automatically included in our postal processing fee at no additional charge.

Prospect modeling – By analyzing a list of your best customers against our sophisticated predictive model, we will show you an in depth look at your customer demographics. With this analysis, you can then rent a highly targeted list of prospects that match the demographic and dramatically improve response rates.